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According to UNAIDS, 60 % of the global population infected with HIV lives in Southern Africa. Even though Angola still has one of the lowest infection indices in the region the disease is still a major concern in the country.

UNAIDS Global Report in 2004 states that only 3.9% of the Angolan adult population is infected by HIV/AIDS. However, HIV/AIDS rates have been increasing in the post-war period thus the spread of the disease is still a threat.

The increase in the number of cases of HIV/AIDS is a big obstacle to the social and economic recovery of the country. A bleek future is foreseen due to the lack of social mobilisation against the spread of the disease; poor health services quality and coverage as well as social and cultural factors. It is therefore important that the government continuous to design valuable strategies to fight the spread of the epidemic through a partnership with NGOs and the civil society.

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