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Poverty Reduction

Angola has formally started its peace process following the Luena Accords, in April of 2002. However, civil society continues to suffer from the effects of a protracted armed conflict. Social peace must be sustainable and implies a long-term poverty reduction strategy.

The Angolan Government has implemented a Poverty Reduction Strategy and, as a result, several initiatives have been implemented like micro-credit services, support to women living in extreme poverty and construction of schools and health posts in various locations of the country. The government’s sectorial programme strategy to assist poverty reduction is especially concerned with social reintegration, security and social protection, macro-economic management, infrastructures, education, health and prevention of HIV. Despite the positive impact we assume these programmes will have, it is clear that to be successful the poverty reduction strategy will require a consultative process involving all stakeholders, the Government, private sector and civil society.

With the help of this electronic news archive Angonet intends to keep you informed at any time about the latest happenings and main national and international debates around the poverty reduction issue in Angola.

Relatório Draft Sobre Pesquisa de Vulnerabilidade, Pobreza e Exclusão Social Casseche - Uíge
Poverty ReductionAuthor: Catica, David e Magalhães
Publisher: Catica, David e Magalhães
Year: S. d.
Languages: Portuguese
Type: Report

Download file here.  
Pesquisa sobre Vulnerabilidade, Pobreza e Exclusão Social Após-conflito, Realizada em Luanda, Município de Cazenga, Comuna de Ho
Poverty ReductionAuthor: Fundo de Apoio Social - ( FAS )
Publisher: Fundo de Apoio Social - ( FAS )
Year: 2004
Languages: Portuguese
Type: Report

Download file here.  
CSR in the Oil Sector in Angola : World Bank Techinical Assistance Study
Poverty ReductionAuthor: Amanda Blakeley
Publisher: World Bank
Year: 2003
Languages: English
Type: Report

Download file here.  
Angola 1996 Hyper - Inflation, Confusion, and Political Crisis
Poverty ReductionAuthor: Renato Aguilar e Âsa Stenman
Publisher: Department of Economics Gothenburg University
Year: 1996
Languages: English
Type: Report

Download file here.  
BPC leva crédito a áreas recônditas
Poverty ReductionSource: Semanário Angolense
Category: Economy and Poverty reduction
Date of article: 17/12/2005

Summary: Depois de ter assinado com o INAPEM e o FDES um acordo tripartido para a concessão de microcrédito num valor global equivalente a dez milhões de dólares, o BPC tem-se estado a desdobrar para ir ao encontro dos beneficiários, encontrando-os nos seus locais de trabalho e habitação para lhes atribuir empréstimos considerados vantajosos no mercado angolano.
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